How To Edit Your Listing Information

  • December 18, 2023
If your dental practice is already featured on, seizing the opportunity to claim and update your listing can make a significant impact. With over 200,000 listings on our platform, encourages practitioners to take charge of their information, ensuring that patients can easily access the most current details about their practice. By claiming your listing, not only does your practice gain an instant boost in visibility, but it also surpasses unclaimed listings in your area, enhancing your reach and attracting the ideal patients for your specialized services.

To Edit Your Listing Details

Make sure you have claimed your listing first before trying to edit your listing information. If you have not yet claimed your listing, please visit How To Claim Your Practice.
    1. Navigate to “My Account” in the Top-Right corner of the page
    2. On the left hand window click “My Listings
    3. To the right of your listing click “Edit Office”
    1. You can edit your listings on this page by clicking on each drop down arrow. Make sure to click “Update Information” after each change.
Primary Practice Information Detail Information Insurance Information Location Information Business Hours IMPORTANT: Updates can take 1 to 2 business days to go live but may be approved in as little as 1 hour. TIP: Each section under “Privacy Practice Information” is hidden in a drop down menu. To make changes to fields such as “Insurance Information, Location Information, and Business Hours” You’ll need to click on each section separately and click “Update Information” for each change.

What Can Be Modified

Select the Primary Practice Information dropdown to find the following fields:
    • Practice Name
    • Public Phone Number
    • Public Email Address
    • Website Address
    • Description
Select the Detail Information dropdown to find the following fields:
    • Are You Accepting New Patients?
    • Are You Accepting New Patients With insurance?
    • Are You Accepting New Hygiene Patients
    • Establishment Date
    • Current Specialties
Select the Insurance Information dropdown to find the following field:
    • Accepted Insurances
Here you can list any accepted insurance your practice takes Select the Location Information dropdown to find the following fields:
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • ZIP – Must be inputted as a 5 digit code
Select the Business Hours dropdown to find the following fields:
    • Are You Open On Mondays?
    • Are You Open On Tuesdays?
    • Are You Open On Wednesday?
    • Are You Open On Thursdays?
    • Are You Open On Fridays?
    • Are You Open On Saturdays?
    • Are You Open On Sundays?
Accurately inputting data is critical when it comes to listing your dental practice information. The details you provide undergo a verification process on our platform, ensuring that no third party users make any unneeded modifications to your business. Consistent and correct data not only builds trust with potential patients but also enhances the overall reliability of your online presence. Take the time to make sure your data is clear and concise as well as
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