How To Claim Your Practice

  • December 18, 2023
Do you own a practice that is already listed on We have over 200,000 listings on our platform, and we encourage users to claim and maintain their listings in order to assure that your patients are getting the most accurate and updated information possible. When you claim your listing, your listing will instantly be boosted and begin out-ranking unclaimed listings in your area, this is very beneficial for your practice and will help you to acquire the perfect patients for your practice.

To Claim A Practice Already Listed On The Platform

    1. In the top left corner tap on
    2. Enter your practices zip code as well as the name of your practice in the fields before hitting the ‘ Find Existing Listings‘ Button.
    3. Find your practice in the drop down menu and press “Claim Office“. If you can’t find your practice this way, try another zip code. The search is based off your street address. If your practice isn’t in the list, read the section on “Adding a New Listing”.
    4. A form will displayed after you tap “Claim Office“, please fill out all of the following required fields:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Mobile Phone Number
      • Business Phone Number
      • Business Email
      • Once the form is complete, please click
An office claim request will usually be responded to in 1-2 business days. Manual verification is required for every office addition and every claim request. Please keep an eye out for contact from one of our listing verification agents. This level of verification is required to prevent unauthorized modification of offices by individuals who do not own or have any affiliation with the office they are attempting to claim. If your practice isn’t in the list, tap on any dental office and navigate to the area listed below and click + Add a new office to submit a listing and keep reading below for more information.

Add a Listing To Our Platform

Once you have searched for your office name under the correct zip code and found that no office was found, follow these steps:
    1. You may add an office by clicking the “Add A New Listing” button on the same page as the
    2. Fill out all of the required fields:
    • Full Office Name
    • Office Address
    • Office Phone Number
    • Website URL
    • After your office listing has been added you can expect a verification specialist to contact you within 1-2 business days for confirmation
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