What Is Provider Score

  • March 15, 2024

Your ranking on is determined by your Provider Score, which reflects various factors. If you’re interested in improving your score and enhancing your visibility, you can collaborate with your Dedicated Page Manager. They can offer guidance tailored to your practice’s needs.

Factors Influencing Provider Score:

  • Information Completeness: The amount and accuracy of information listed about your practice.
  • Insurance Coverage: The range of insurances accepted by your practice.
  • Procedure Availability: The variety of procedures offered by your practice.
  • Location Accuracy: Ensuring your practice’s address is correct.
  • Claim Status: Whether your practice is claimed or unclaimed on our platform.
  • Recent Updates: The date of the last changes made to your listing.
  • Provider Listings: The number of providers associated with your practice.

By addressing these factors and working closely with your Page Manager, you can boost your Provider Score and improve your ranking in search results on

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