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Grab the attention of the perfect patients with a premium image banner, a trusted checkmark, and custom imagery.

For Just $99.99 your listing will appear in the #1 spot in a 5 mile radius*, you will gain access to procedure based match-making, you can showcase and manage your reviews, and so much more!

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Increase Your Visibility
Take Control Of Your Practice

  • Increase Your Overall Ranking
  • Procedure Based Match-Making
  • Add and Manage Your Photos
  • Gain Control Over Your Reviews
  • Trusted Banner On Search Results

Procedure Match

Procedure based match-making allows you to stay in control of the patients that find your office. Make every minute count, and start designing your own schedule.

Premium Ranking

43.3% of patients do not make it past our first search result. Premium will increase your ranking, if you are the first in your area you may even be eligible for the top position!

Website SEO

Premium providers are able to show a website link. This will substantially increase your personal website's rank on google. Our links are extremely valuable to your reputation.

The Best Investment In DentistryReasons To Go Premium

Plan Features
  • Insurance Based Match-Making

    Ability to add your in-network insurances. This will enable insurance based match-making and help you to increase your visibility.

  • Modify Listing Information

    Modify listing information such as business hours, practice name and more!

  • Modify Specialties

    Modify the specialties that your practice offers.

  • Basic Traffic Analytics

    Get a simple listing report detailing the number of visits to your listing.

  • Procedure Based Match-Making

    Premium allows you to add the procedures you perform to the Smart-Match platform.

    Smart-Match is a system that seeks out patients based on intent search data. Essentially, when a patient is searching around the web for implants, extractions or even sedation, they will find you if you offer these procedures.

    See more of the patients that need the procedures you enjoy performing the most. Procedure based match-making allows you to start taking control of your own schedule. More info can be found in our FAQ.

  • Search Ranking Boost

    Premium shows us that you are serious about your patients. Because we value validity of information, the algorithm will automatically boost your ranking as soon as you go premium.

  • Manage Reviews

    Review moderation is very important to your digital reputation. We give premium providers the ability to turn off reviews, dispute reviews, and even set them to approval-only mode.

  • Verified Provider Check
    Your profile will appear with the green verified check mark next to your practice's name. This exclusive endorsement shows patients that your office is trusted and that the information has been verified.
  • Trusted Provider Badge

    Receive a Trusted Provider Badge that will make you stand out against competing providers.

  • Photo Freedom

    Every provider gets a free street-view image. Storage of images is expensive for us, but we have given every premium provider up to 10 Gb of photo storage. As a premium provider, you stay in control of how patients view your brand.

  • SEO Widget Code

    You will be given a premium provider # and small code to add to your website footer. This will help to increase your ranking on google, on our platform, and it will show to patients that you are a verified and trusted provider. It also looks really good on your site.

  • Show Website Link

    Link directly from your listing to your website.

  • Live Updates

    Get instant updates when a patient leaves reviews or interacts with your profile.

So, How Does It All Work?Premium Subscription FAQs